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Friday, June 30, 2006

Creepy Men

Well, shall I tell you the next weird chapter in my life? why do pyscho men like me?
Okay, so I was at work, by myself, and this man comes in. He is ( I know now) 52, black( I say this only because of the tone he used--so I wanted to clarify what he looked like) and seemingly nice. So, he tells me he has a son that he would maybe think about bringing here, and also tells me he is a special Ed teacher. Well, I am very excited! A teacher! Yea! Well, Maybe not.

So, I am trying to show him around and he randomly throws in things like, " Do you drink coffee? Do you like the water?" I just thought he was being friendly. then he says, " I am trying to hit on you..." okay, blah blah he stays for awhile and then leaves. And yes, I know this is dunb, but he seemed nice, I gave him my number so we could have coffee. Innocent enough?

He calls that night. I pick up the phone and he starts breathing heavily, it sounded like Darth Vader. And he said, " Kassi I know you." I said who the fuck is this? I was busy with something else and it struck me as weird. He told me and we had a chuckle. ( kind of) So, I am trying to talk to him about teaching and he keeps saying things like, " You have kissable lips, you have sexy elbows..." ( um, ok) " I want to date you." I have known him for 1 hour.
Then its gets odd ( er) he asks if I have ever been with a black man. Now, I knew what he was saying but I thouht I would try and diffuse the situation. " Sure my best friend is black and we hang out all the time." He asked what I thought was :well hung" HE IS 52! WTF??? I should have hung up but I am too easily amused, I think my phone sex job is clouding my judgement, THEN HE SAYS IT. " Do you like to be tied up? I want to tie you up." FUCKKKKKKKKKKK.

So, needless to say I ended the conversation and sent him an email stating I did not want further contact. I did not go into work today because I would be alone all day...and that is just creepy!

Only the pyschos want some good Kbob lovin....


Blogger Lisa said...

I have read a only a few of your posts, I followed you from Arwen, and I am impressed at your ability to attracted psycho nympho's... its quite a talent. It must be the phone sex job... i have heard those places get a few sketchy ones... but, i guess someones got to do it, right...

10:52 AM, June 30, 2006  
Blogger Kaisa said...

Yeah, that is strange. We'll talk more about it tomorrow!! Looking forward to it!

2:59 PM, July 01, 2006  
Blogger arwen said...

EWWEE!!! Creepfest! I was with a black guy once who was so proud that he had never been with a white girl before... before me, that is. Nevermind that I'm not white... He was weird... and this was random.

9:25 AM, November 01, 2006  

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