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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The guy who posted the note on my door ended up being a freak. Oh, BIG suprise. After he called my house repeatedly one night and then came to bang on my door at 1130pm, I finally had to give this repsonse:

In one of your numerous messages you left on my phone last night, you
said all you wanted was a response from me. Well, your actions last
night have indeed, illicited a response from me.

First, I had my ringer off because I had a headache, therefore, all of
the calls you made accusing me of "ignorning" you, were unfounded. At
one point I got up to go to the bathroom and I saw my caller ID box
blinking. You had called 6 times within a span of an hour and half! And
I must tell you, each message got a little creepier.

Second, I did not appreciate the "I am coming over to knock on your
door and meet you right now," bit. It was 11:30 pm! Um, just because
YOU are awake does not mean I am awake. What if I had company?

Third, in the future when you want to get to know someone, try
introducing yourself, asking them out on a date or going for
coffee--the obsessive late night phone calling "The call is coming from
inside your house...." shit is not cute.

I am long-winded. Needless to say, no I am not interested in getting to
know you at this point. I wish you well.


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