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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Female trouble

Apparently, I have hyperplasia, which is where the endrometrial lining shows pre-cancerous cells. Nice, huh? So, I need to talk to this dude about options. They put me on Provera and it has made me bleed worse, as if that is possible! Today I passed clots as big as my fist, I kid you not. I thought they were freaking human heads! So, I will know more on Monday.

I cannot take time off work because I am the only teacher there, so I am trying to schedule all of this around my time off. (Christmas or Thanksgiving) But it really is not up to me. If I need to go, then I will have to go whenever they can find a slot for me. I am going to talk to the gynecologist about this whole birth control pill thing. The other doc gave me a prescription for a really HIGH dose of them and I am not really comfortable with that.

I hate being a woman sometimes.

A friend ( and I use that term loosely) is really being a snatch right now. I want to freaking
kick her in naughty area. God, what a bitch!


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