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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Okay here is something fun:

I am going to try and list all of the jobs I have ever had--can you do the same? 35 years = a lot of jobs, especially when your bipolar--hahaha! oooh and the SOME of the hourly wages!

1. Berry Fields .10 per pound or somethin
2. Bulbs= 4.00 and hour ( BIG money back then)
3. Baby Sitting ( 2.50-3.00 an hour)
4. McDonald's ( Briefly)-- 3.35
5. Kentucky Fucked Chicken 3.45-3.62
6. JC Pennys 3.70-4.00
7.NANNY NYC-- 150.00 a week ( plus room and board)
8. Tradewinds Cafe - 5.25-5.50
9.Denny's ( 1st time) 5.00 as a hostess
10. The Willows Retirement Center ( working while at Dennys) 4.00
11. Blue Water Bistro- Busser 4.75 plus tip ( while working at Dennys and Willows..Manic much?)
12. NANNY CONNECTICUT 225.00 a week plus room and board
13. Lane Bryant 5.50 ( BIG BUCKS) while working as a nanny in CT
14. Buzz Inn Steak House ( Briefly) 6.00 --:(
15. The Store Grocery! yea!
16. Lane Bryant-Mt.Vernon ( while working at the Store)
17. Trendwest Resorts ( WHAT A MESS): Appointment Setter
18. Brief Stint selling entertainment books over the phone
19. Brief Stint selling vacuums--I was depressed--but liked talking nonesense on the phone
20. Truck Stop Waitress - Crane's Cafe-hahahahahaha
21. Denny's Waitress ( 2nd time)
22. The Banana Pages--Advertising
24. Lusty Lady--Phone Sex Goddess
25. Massage Therapist ( um, unliscensed)
26. NANNY--GreenLake, Seattle ( 1800.00 a month-)
27. Media Passage
28. BEST HEll ( times 3)
29. The Oasis Teen Shelter--Youth Councselor
30. Boss Tweed ( Hog) --waitress
31. Preschool teacher
32. Barnes & Noble ( 1 week--anxiety attacks prevented me from going to work)
33. Camp Counselor
34. Swim instructor for kindergartners
35. SUNDOWN-Teacher--ahhhhhhhh
36.Glen Eden--Special Education Teacher/Therapist

Wow--I've come along way........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, I enjoyed your list of jobs. I have quite a list myself, most notably in my mind are the job I had the summer of my senior year in high school in which I installed fiberglass insulation in houses. I was also a janitor. Janitor was probably the worst because people could still smoke in office buildings and I had to clean out the ash trays with windex. Yuk! I don't think I'll ever experience the smell of windex in ashtrays without wanting to puke again as long as I live. :-)

9:40 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Alice said...

I too briefly worked at Barnes and Noble (Farts and Snow Balls). I was only an Xmas temp, but I remember feeling very anxious because the pay was 6.25 and my parking cost 20.00 a day. Plus, I had to recite a corporate mantra. None of the regular workers had cars, so I guess they weren't worried about parking costs. I always wanted to work in a book store, but I guess only students with parents paying their bills can survive on B&N wages. Maybe someone with a rich spouse could do it.

10:14 PM, October 30, 2005  

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