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At this point you are probably wondering what the hell you have gotten yourself into; you are not the first to ask that question. Well, sit back and enjoy the ride kiddies...welcome to the truly strange, bizarre, sometimes sad, outrageous, unbelievable life of... The Devine Miss K. I may be a little psychotic, but I am damn cute.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bizzaro World

God, my life is bizarre.


Allow me to begin with this little ditty:

My fridge died and I had to defrost it move all my food to the downstairs apartment; it was empty. (Seemingly) Well, while the maintenance boobs were trying to fix my refer, the cleaners came to the downstairs apartment and swiped all my food out of the fridge!!!!! So, now I have now food and muddy foot prints on my floor from the maintenance boobs. The manager said to give her an itemized list of what was in my fridge/freezer and she would credit my rent. Damn, can I fit a porches’ in the fridge? Needless to say, I ordered pizza tonight.

I came home from Peter’s in Seattle the other night, ( his bf arrived the other day from CALI, I have yet to meet him, but he seems nice, I am sure I will not see much of him anymore L) and when I got home there was a note on my door. At first I thought, “Oh great, another fucking pizza coupon.” But alas, it was not. This is what it said:

Hi My name is Rod I live in Apt *** Across from you... And I just wanted to tell you that I would love to get to know you. I just think you are extremely cute! Take Care! Rod

Well, you could have called me Jack and slapped my ass in a box, I was so surprised. Of course, at first I looked for the hidden cameras. Anyway---I have spoken to him on the computer and phone a few times. I am just feeling a little anti -social these days...I think it is this ever present anxiety..........

I have stopped sleeping. I cannot sleep. I sleep from like 4am- 7am everyday and that is it…I think my body is rebelling…. I just do not know why………

Well, toodles. I am off to stare at my bare fridge! FOOD THEIEVES!!!!!!!!


Blogger hawk said...

Ugh...stuff in a fridge can smell hideous if it isn't properly refrigerated. I'm house-sitting for a woman and her husband right now...and they left some Cream, and some MILK, and some HALF- and _half in their regrigerator...for 3 friggin weeks while they galavant around Europe. What the fu___ are they trying to gas me out with the ghastly smell?

10:17 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Kass said...

I know who you are and I know all your games...

6:43 PM, November 04, 2005  

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