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Sunday, July 17, 2005

"You're getting old Joan..."

I think I am getting old. No, not because I have sand bags hanging from my eyes down to my feet or because the last time my breasts were even remotely perky is when the game "Pong" was cool; it is my patience that seems to be lost. Now, mind you I am not the most patient individual to begin with, ( noooooo! I know, I know you are shocked, as was I!) so becoming "impatient" is really not such a far fall. More like sitting down.

So, I am at the theater watching " Willie Wonka," which I KNOW is predominatley a kids movie, but still I held out hope that the heathens would keep themselves under wraps. Behind me sat Donald freaking duck. " Ha Ha quack quack" When he laughed he sounded like he had swallowed a live duck. Then there was the rather large hispanic family with the little boy who greeted everyone coming into the theatre with,"Hello poophead." God, aren't they all just precious jewels? I remember when I went to see the last Star Wars installment, STAR WARS PEOPLE, and this 4 year old sat next to me and just gabbed and made sounds the entire time.
" OOOOOOOOh big ship"
"Mommie is he a bad man?"
Finally his mother went to get him some popcorn or duct tape and I leaned over and said, " Don't ever talk durning Star Wars." " Why?" " Because they will put you in jail." ( Did I tell you I was a teacher and loved children?)
Okay, so I am a bitch....but it was STAR WARS PEOPLE!
I won't even get into the pint-sized snot factories at another movie I went to. JEBUS! Actually, I think it was the adults that were worse. Unwrapping paper loudly, talking, talking, talking, belching--oh, yeah, that's right I said BELCHING.
What has society come to?

Excuse me I need to fart.


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