The Life of an Aspiring Sociopath

At this point you are probably wondering what the hell you have gotten yourself into; you are not the first to ask that question. Well, sit back and enjoy the ride kiddies...welcome to the truly strange, bizarre, sometimes sad, outrageous, unbelievable life of... The Devine Miss K. I may be a little psychotic, but I am damn cute.

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Likes: My cat Lola (all cats) & animals. (Except snakes-yuk), writing, reading, traveling (I have been to Japan, China, Australia, Hawaii and Hong Kong.) I love Asian Architecture—I have a Kimono on my wall; The Disney Villains (I collect them) – Disneyland ( and world.) Comedy Clubs; laughing; snuggling; people watching; singing; painting; cooking; baking; (I am an awesome baker!)- being with friends. Talking, talking and talking. Teaching, kids, intelligent conversation and people….and dreaming. (Oh don’t forget sleep!) Dislikes: Liver, Fish, Star Trek ( but I LOVVVE Star Wars), commercials repeated again and again, slow drivers, inconsiderate people, bad smells, being cold—being too hot, computers that freeze at the worst times and milk gone bad.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


You kissed me goodnight-
I said , "I love you."
You loved me too.

You bent down to kiss my soft stomach
There was no hardness or round fullness, yet.
Though you could not hear the heatbeat
You whispered, " I love you," to my pink flesh.

I could feel the changes.
Cells in my body were changing.
No longer was I one;
I had become two.

I needed you to be strong,
but you could not be.
It was not in your nature;
but it was in mine.

The room:
Where were you?

I felt shame

You kissed me goodnight-
But I did not say I love you,
and you did not kiss my stomach
because now
there was nothing left to kiss.


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