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At this point you are probably wondering what the hell you have gotten yourself into; you are not the first to ask that question. Well, sit back and enjoy the ride kiddies...welcome to the truly strange, bizarre, sometimes sad, outrageous, unbelievable life of... The Devine Miss K. I may be a little psychotic, but I am damn cute.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Crazy kids

Have I mentioned how glad I will be to be gone from this hell with florescent lighting called, "Sundown M. Ranch?" I must admit I like the kids, I really do. Yes, most of them are psycho, I mean they ARE drug addicts, but they are funny and compassionate too. One girl told me she broke her finger while she was in bed. " I just woke up and it was broken!" I then learned she told this boy she has a crush on ( from ANACORTES, no less) that she was masturbating so hard thinking about him, that she broke her finger. I suppose I should have pity for her, but it is damn funny. Not quite as funny as the "ass sniffer" story, but still humerous in a sick way.

" Uh, miss teacher lady..why does it say Ass Sniffer on my folder?"
Is there something you are not telling us?


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